Music Submissions and Guest Appearences

   Get your music on the "Coldest Radio Station Online". Simply submit two songs and a bio for each individual artist and/or band that seeks rotation. The songs will be reviewed by our DJs for audio quality. If your music passes the quality standard, you will be contacted via email that your songs are in rotation!!! Thanks again for seeking rotation on our network!

* To submit your music for airplay or to appear as a guest you must complete the form HERE.

IceBreaker Distribution

   This service is for the artist and/or band who prefers to spend their budget towards the marketing of their project. The artist and/or band agrees and commits, to selling 1k - 100k copies of the specific release and will strive to accomplish this goal. They also agree to a 10% profit share of their project with IceBreaker Distribution to be paid quarterly. With our services, your project is then released to over 130 internet stores around the the world including Itunes, Amazon, Napster, and Rhapsody.

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